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I spend a fortune on flowers and plants?

every week for my garden at garden centres in the uk. without reservation when I come to pay they just chuck them in a box or bag any old way often breaking flowers and buds off, have a word with your staff garden centres please

I spend a fortune on flowers and plants?
Make an anonymous call. Or have a friend do it.

Tell them like it is... I know what you mean.
Reply:Refuse to pay !!!!!!!!
Reply:Shouldn't you have a word with your own staff at the garden centre? My staff at the garden centre do a wonderful job of packing my flowers and plants. Just wonderful. :-
Reply:|buy fake ones:P this way they will never die :P x

Where can I buy venus flytrap seeds in store, not online?

okay so I've looked through the website for questions and everyone says walmart. to be honest walmart and department stores, even ones that have garden centres, do not know how to care for carnivorous plants, and if you buy one from there it will likely die. Also, I want SEEDS, not the flytrap plants, so please don't tell me to go to walmart or home depot to get the plant. I am cultivating FROM SEEDS. thanks.

Where can I buy venus flytrap seeds in store, not online?
See if there's an independently owned nursery in your area. You're much more likely to find unusual seeds and plants at a mom and pop place than one of the chains.
Reply:I work at a garden store, and we do not bring them in becuase they are so hard to germinate, and they are so expensive. When a customer came in wanting them, we would order them online anyway. So if you asked a store to order them, they'd double the price when they sell it to you. So you're better off buying online as far as price.

What you could do is see if there is a carniverous plant specialty grower in your area (they are rare and far inbetween, though), and give them a call.

If not, call a specialty garden store (not wal-mart or home depot) and see if they can order it. But I garauntee you are paying more than if you bought them online yourself.

Also, if your plant always dies, are you sure you are caring for it properly?
Reply:once i got a venus flytrap at a greenhouse way up north. it was really cool it looked awsome wwhe it ate flies. I named it Scotty
Reply:Im in australia and we can get them down our local nursery. If wallmart sell them and they look healthy it will be ok to buy. VENUS FLYTRAP need to be planted in peatmoss and continuously be damp ( never dry out ). Thats how a lot of people loose them. If on a well lit window sill or under a patio with part shade part light it should thrive. Also grab some good fertiliser. Don't rely on the plant to catch bugs to fertilise itself.

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Where can I sell my chilli plants?

I have a large surplus of strong organic chilli plants about 6 - 12 inches tall. I want to sell them near to where I live in the UK rather than posting on ebay etc. Can anyone suggest a way to do this? What sort of shops would stock this kind of thing? I have tried to approach local supermarkets and garden centres, but so far no joy! Do you think I would benefit more from selling the chillies in packs instead of selling the plants?

Where can I sell my chilli plants?
good plants will sell well at a car boot sale.

Ground cover plants for a shady bank?

I need some plants for a shady bank along the side of my drive. It is in full shade for most of the day but gets sun towards the end of the afternoon. The soil is sandy, not too good. I am no gardener so Just give me the names of something I can ask for at the garden centre! Thanks. ( ground cover low maitainence would be good!)

Ground cover plants for a shady bank?
first off, do not ask for rose of sharon, it is not a ground cover and it needs full sun to perform---the two ground covers i would recommend are pachysandra termanalis (spurge) which does not like sun, and archtostophylos uva ursi(bearberry) which for you may be the best choice--it does well in shade and actually does best in poor soil conditions and sandy soil it loves--it is a very beautiful broadleaf evergreen ground cover that spreads quickly and is easy to plant and maintain--it has small glossy green leaves and small pink flowers in may and then produces beautiful red berries in the summer and fall that can last into the winter months at which time the leaves will turn a shade of bronze-purple, giving it an added attraction both visually as well as naturally as many small birds will dine on the berries ---try it--you'll be happy with the choice----ask for bearberry if your on the east coast or kinnikanick if your on the west coast----but if your in a decent garden center i would call it by its botanical name which again is -Arctostaphylos uva ursi
Reply:I would suggest pachysandra. It is a very versatile plant that will fill in nicely and takes all kinds of conditions. It keeps its shape and most of its color during winter. It is a very easy low maintenance plant. Nurseries sell them in flats of many plants for planting larger areas. The big plus is that it is not a vine and will not spread! Do not plant any ground cover that will spread through vines. You will have eternal work of you do!
Reply:Christmas ferns- not the fastest spreading groundcover, but a beautiful, hardy, evergreen native fern. Stick in some taller hostas for accent, some foamflower or coralbells (Tiarella and Heuchera, respectively) for blooms
Reply:First of all, a Rose of Sharon is a tree. By far it is not a ground cover.

Geraniums are not ground covers plants either. And most of them are just annuals.

There are several things you could choose from. With a shady area, I would suggest:

Miniature Mat Daisies - I have these growing in my yard and they are just precious!

White Nancy - a very easy plant to cultivate

Or Vinca Major - Fast growing, pretty flowers, easy maintenance

All of these flowers require little watering, once established, as well.

Hope this helps you!
Reply:Rose of Sharon is the plant for you.
Reply:ivy is nice, hostas are good too., maybe blue rug juniper also.

i dunno i just think they pretty
Reply:Try ground cover conifers, mix plenty of peat moss in the soil before planting. Try juniperus squamata Blue Carpet, or Blue Star, Blue Chip, Green Carpet. Tsuga canadensis Jeddeloh. Hope this helps a bit.

Do nematodes really work?

I have huge vine weevil problem . Quite reluctant to use chemicals. I was going to buy nematodes until the guy at the garden centre told me they were a complete waste of money. Has anyone had any good results from them?

Do nematodes really work?
Go out to the plants at night with a torch, shine it on the plants and believe me the little blighters just sit there and let you pick them off the plant. What you do with them is your business I just crush them, they are quite hard but it is very satisfying.
Reply:if you are growing a bit of weed indoors yes, but if youve got a garden as much as i hate to say it you are gonna have to use chemicals,i try to use organic but vine weevils are a right pain and cause a lot of damage,my favourite organic is derris,comes in liquid or dust which i prefer,give your plants a liberal dusting,if no good its chemical warfare,good luck.
Reply:Depends what nematodes you buy and in what quantity.

I own an agricultural market research firm and we ask farmers this very question. It's actually a low percentage that find them of any benefit. Organic solutions like this can vary significantly. Better results were found in ladybirds for aphids.

That's all I can tell you without charging you for the study, I have to make a living!

Can i claim the private principle residence exemption from capital gains tax if my business is run from home?

if i run my garden centre as a business from home and in the future i decide to sell my home at a profit in the near future, can i claim the private principle residence exemption from capital gains tax?

Can i claim the private principle residence exemption from capital gains tax if my business is run from home?
You can still claim principal private residence on the relevant part, but the relief may be restricted on the basis of the value of any part that is used exclusively for business.

You would have to apportion the gain taking account of the business element, but could also time apportion it if, for example, you lived there for a period before starting the business activities.

You will need professional advice to calculate the detailed numbers though.

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Is leaf mould a better growing medium than bog peat ?

I like to grow a wide variety of plants and I have been finding that a lot of different types prefer pure leaf mould to peat such as: feverfew, sunflowers, pumpkins, etc. I found that sunflowers grown in peat based soil rotted because it holds too much water and the same happened with pumpkins. So the question is Why in every Garden centre is every plant grown in peat when better results are obviously obtainable with leaf mould and garden soil mixtures ?

Is leaf mould a better growing medium than bog peat ?
Peat is cheaper and more available. It's pressed into pots and so forth which makes for ease of use. Commercial avenues do not always do what is best for the plant, just what helps their profits. And if you don't know better and the plant dies, chances are you'll come back and buy another one!